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Med Lab Supply 7 piece Chemistry Bar Wine & Cordial Decanter Set

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7 piece Chemistry Bar Wine & Cordial Decanter Set by Med Lab Supply, made with 3.3 Borosilicate shatter resistant glass

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Med Lab Supply: 7 piece Chemistry Bar Wine & Cordial Decanter Set



  • 1 MLS 500ml Volumetric Flask with Stopper
  • 1 MLS 250ml Volumetric Flask with Stopper
  • 1 MLS 100ml Volumetric Flask with Stopper
  • 1 75mm glass funnel


We bring new meaning to the science of decanting with our 7-pc Chemistry Bar Wine & Cordial Decanter Set.  Our Decanter Set offers an iconic look that conveys the authority of science with the clarity, precision and strength of laboratory glassware. Glass funnel will speed the decanting process when pouring wine from bottle to decanter. A decanting funnel will ensure a steady rate of wine flow, so you won’t stir up the sediments as you pour. 

The main objective in decanting wine, especially red wine, is the introduction of oxygen. This process is called aeration or letting the wine breathe, open up, and bloom. All wine, regardless of color, age, or body weight will benefit from some level of oxygen exposure. Full bodied red wines like Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Sangiovese and especially older reds, however, are deserving of aeration through decanting. Red grapes contain much higher levels of tannic acid than white grapes. These tannins act as a natural preservative in wine, allowing maturation in bottle. Therefore, fuller bodied red wines typically contain higher levels of tannin than their lighter bodied and lighter colored counterparts.

As we taste, tannin coats the mouth leaving behind an astringent, sometimes bitter film that can mask the true flavors of the wine. When combined with oxygen, the tannin molecules will bond, softening the astringency and giving way to the hidden flavors we are looking for. Simiarly, when wine is allowed to "breathe" prior to consumption, the wine’s flavor composites will be released and enjoyed through to your palates.

OLDER WINES-Older or mature wines are much more fragile and should be treated as such when decanting. With older wines, you run the risk of over-aerating it if you decant too early. It is recommended that for older wines you always use a decanter with a stopper. With the stopper you can control the amount of air the wine receives.

YOUNGER WINES-Strangely enough, young wines benefit greatly from decanting and will likely improve the drinkability of your wine 98% of the time. The oxygen in the bottles that young wines contain has actually had little time to take effect and wines have yet to show their fruitiness. The air in the decanter achieves change rapidly.  Exposing younger wines to air can help coax out aromas and flavors. Young wines should be decanted into a wide-bottomed decanter, this increases the wine's surface area, allowing more wine to be exposed to oxygen.



  • The perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, house warming, or get-together 


  • Note: This is NOT the "chemistry style" sets that you get from kitchen supply stores.  This is REAL borosilicate 3.3 lab glass capable off withstanding extremes in temperature.


  • All glassware can be used with our water soluble markers that allow you to write directly on glass to identify your guest's glassware. Remove writing easily with soap and water.


Our Decanter set offers 3 diverse sized decanters to simultaneously decant three different wines. Med Lab Supply's entire line of Chemistry Bar Glassware, will appeal to your inner scientist. Complete you mad scientist bartender look with our white lab coats.  Looking for the next level of the home bar experience, Med Lab Supply carries a growing list of Home Brewing Wine and Beer Supplies. Looking for other ways to use Lab Glassware in you home, read our blog series.


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