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Size No. 6-1/2 - Green Neoprene Solid Rubber Stopper (Qty. 1)

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Size No. 6-1/2 - Green Neoprene Solid Rubber Stopper (Qty. 1) ) for 250 ml flasks

Laboratory Grade Neoprene Rubber Stoppers


 Neoprene Green Rubber Stoppers are suitable for high temperature (up to 275°F) and suitable for use with petroleum products, minerals, oils, fats, and organic chemicals.  Rubber stoppers are used to seal laboratory vessels such as, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Florence (Boiling) Flasks, and Filtering Flasks, to prevent liquid from escaping.  Neoprene Rubber is recommended for use where rubber would be attacked or deteriorated by reagents and solvents being used. Neoprene stoppers demonstrate good resiliency and shelf -life compare to regular rubber stoppers. Sulfur free.



Size: 6-1/2

Material: Neoprene Rubber

Structure: Solid

Hole Size: N/A

Top Diameter: 34m

Bottom Diameter: 27mm

Fits Flask size: 250mL


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