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Aimsco UltraThin Diabetic Syringe 0.3cc x 31g, x 5/16 inch needle, Qty. 100

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Quick Overview

AIMSCO® Insulin Syringes 0.3ml with 31g, x 5/16 inch needle (Qty. 100) Item Number: 740


Size: 0.3cc (0.3mL) x 31G (0.33mm) x 5/16 in

Delta Hi-Tech AimscoUltraThin U100 Insulin Syringes are designed and manufactured to the highest quality levels possible which you will quickly recognize as you experience a more comfortable injection. This is made possible because every Aimsco syringe is engineered with surgical steel then triple-bevel cut for a sharper point, and electro-polished to remove microscopic burrs to give every syringe a smooth finish. This ultimately results in a smoother, more comfortable and less painful injection.

Each syringe is film coated for maximum comfort. To further improve user experience reduce confusion and provide for easy and accurate identification each Aimsco insulin syringe box is color-coded by gauge which allows users to quickly identify correct gauge and needle length.

AIMSCO insulin syringes features

  • 31G (0.33mm) 5/16in 0.3cc (0.3mL)
  • For use with U-100 Insulin
  • ULTRA-THIN II® Needle: Thin, fine, sharp, with extra lubrication.
  • Electropolished to remove burrs.
  • Tri-bevel cut tip.
  • Film-coated for a smoother injection.
  • Needle Shield and Plunger Cap: Guarantee sterility of syringe fluid path.
  • Tapered Syringe Tip: Provides greater comfort.
  • Needle permanently attached: Reduces chance of needle pop-off.
  • Absence of "Dead Space" in needle hub or syringe: Minimizes air bubbles. Eliminates waste and makes mixing insulin more accurate.
  • Easy to read numbers: Large, bold, clear.
  • Plunger tip lines up with scale markings for correct reading.
  • Latex Free.
  • Single use only (non-reusable).

How to choose the right size insulin syringe
Choose the smallest size syringe which is big enough to hold the largest dose you take in a day. If your largest dose is close to the syringe’s maximum capacity, you might want to buy the next size up to handle any increases in your dose adjustments.
0.3mL – Ideal for doses under 30 units
0.5mL – Ideal for doses between 30 units and 50 units
1.0mL – Ideal for doses over 50 units

Important Note
Delta Hi-Tech Aimsco UltraThin U100 Insulin Syringes are for single use only. After injecting insulin please dispose of syringes properly by using a specifically designed sharps container according to local rules and regulations.  Buy all your Diabetic Testing Supplies Online at Med Lab Supply.







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