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Spring Scales, Cap. Range: 100g/1N - 5000g/50N

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Spring Scales, Cap. Range: 100g/1N - 5000g/50N
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Product Name Price Qty
Spring Scale, Capacity: 100 Gram / 1 Newton
Spring Scale, Capacity: 250 Gram / 2.5 Newton
Spring Scale, Capacity: 500 Gram / 5 Newton
Spring Scale, Capacity: 2000 Gram / 20 Newton
Spring Scale, Capacity: 5000 Gram / 50 Newton

Quick Overview

Spring Scales, Cap. Range: 100g/1N - 5000g/50N

Product Description

Spring Scales

Spring scales measure weight or force by hanging objects from their hooks. To measure loose material such as powder or sand, pour contents into a plastic bag and hang the bag from the spring scale hook. 

Spring Scales feature a clear plastic case so you can observe the mechanism. Scales include an aluminum front panel that can be moved up or down for zero adjustment, metal pointer, suspension ring, and load hook. Calibrated in Grams and Newtons.


Item #




100g / 1N

2g / 0.02N


250g / 2.5N

5g / 0.05N


500g / 5N

10g / 0.1N


2000g / 20N

40g / 0.4N


5000g / 50N

100g / 1N







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