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Pet Naturals Calming Rabbit Crisps, 30 crisps

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Pet Naturals Calming Rabbit Crisps, 30 crisps
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Quick Overview

Recommended for: Changes to Environment • Company or Parties • Veterinary or Grooming Visits • Boarding or Holidays • Boredom or Separation Stress • Moving or Traveling • Fireworks and Thunderstorms


Product Description


Pet Naturals Calming for Rabbits

You want to provide your rabbit with everything neccessary to give him the great life he deserves. To support the overall good health and general well-being of your rabbit, and to keep him the active, energetic little fellow he is meant to be, Pet Naturals has developed a new line of nutritional support to keep your rabbit in top form. An alfalfa base crisp affords an easy delivery system for all of our rabbit supplements while providing an excellent source of fiber and providing your rabbit a tasty treat. To keep your rabbit happy, active and well we have several choices that will help you care for the specific needs of your rabbit.


Rabbits can be subject to GI issues brought on by generated from stressful conditions. GI problems are probably the most prevalent and the most serious health concern for rabbits.  As rabbits can become stressed easily, our calming crisps help a rabbit maintain even mood and behavior.  When rabbits can't adapt to stress it can lead to nervousness, hyperactivity, abnormal urine marking, excessive scratching, and destructive or aggressive behavior. Calming for Rabbits is recommended for moving and traveling, fireworks and thunderstorms, boarding or holidays, veterinary or grooming visits and changes to environment. Calming helps alleviate stress related behavior problems without affecting your rabbit's personality or energy level. It can be used daily or as needed to support relaxation. It contains a combination of factors not found in other calming formulas such as Colostrum Calming Complex, L-Theanine and Thiamine (Vitamin B1), which all address stress and relaxation. Calming crisps promote rabbit health as they support a calm state without side effects or causing drowsiness in rabbits.



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