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Black Pepper Organic Essential Oil

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Black Pepper Organic Essential Oil
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Black Pepper Essential Oil 0.5 fl oz/15ml, 100% Organic
Black Pepper Essential Oil 1 fl oz/30ml, 100% Organic,

Quick Overview

One 15mL or one 30mL amber glass vial with Euro Dropper of Black Pepper Organic Essential Oil

Product Description

 Long ago, black pepper made its mark on history and it’s said that it changed the course of world history and partly led to the colonization of America.  It has been used for both its flavor and medicinal properties.  In 1213 BCE, it was used as part of the mummification process of the pharaoh.  In 5th century Attila the Hun, demanded a ransom of more than a ton of pepper when he besieged the city of Rome.  In the middle ages, pepper was a luxury item that only the wealthy could afford.  Peppercorns were so highly traded that is was referred to as “black gold” and used as a form of currency.  At one point, it was literally worth its weight in gold. Today, black pepper is still the world’s most traded spice. 


Black pepper was used for centuries to prolong stamina in long journeys or maintain endurance.  Monks were said to have used black pepper to maintain their strength over long distances.


Black pepper also aids the digestive system cleansing and neutralizing gas.  It also helps secrete digestive juices also aiding in digestion.


Black pepper is considered a warming oil and is an excellent additional to massage blends for aches and pains and muscle stiffness, due to poor circulation.


Recently, it has gained notice in aiding with withdrawal symptoms of smoking.


Note: Middle


Strength of Aroma: Medium


Aroma: Fresh, warm and spicy like peppercorn


Properties: anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-septic, analgestic, aphrodisiac, digestive, anti-catarrhal, diuretic, expectorant, laxative, stimulant, and tonic


Uses/Benefits: toothache, acne prone skin, anemia, poor circulation, gas, indigestion, fever, muscle tension, muscle aches, impotence, stamina, hair growth, alertness, weight loss, cellulite, stress, coughs, infections, rheumatism, memory loss


Blends well with: bergamot, clove, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, lavender lemon, tangerine, and ylang ylang




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