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20mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Pronged Clear Silica Gel

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20mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Pronged Clear Silica Gel
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Product Name Price Qty
20mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Pronged Silica (Qty: 25)
20mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Pronged Silica (Qty: 100)
20mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Pronged Silica (Qty: 1000)
20mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Pronged Silica (Qty: 5000)

Quick Overview

20mm Silica (Silicone) Gel Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Pronged. Available in 4 quantities: 25, 100, 1000, & 5000, by Med Lab Supply, makers of Complete Serum Glass Vial Packaging Component Systems.

Product Description

Clear Silica Lyophilization Stoppers: 2-Pronged


Lyophilization, also known as freeze drying, lyophilisation, or cryodesiccation, the dehydration technique used to preserve a liquid, creamy or a solid product by withdrawing the water (or liquid) through sublimation under vacuum, after having frozen the product: by heating up water in a frozen state under very low air pressure conditions, the water changes directly into the gaseous state. This released steam is caught up in a cooling coil and removed.  This process allows to the quality of the contents to remain unaltered and prolongs shelf life of product. This technique is the only drying process the does not change the molecular structure of the molecules of a product.

The ability of long term storage stability of biological materials has made this a preferred technique for pharmaceutical & diagnostic industries, universities and medical schools. Food and beverage industries have also used this technique.

These new Clear Silica lyophilization stoppers are sure to fill many needs due to its superior quality compared to regular butyl rubber stoppers.  When compared to Butyl Rubber, Silica Gel Stoppers are more chemical, acid, and temperature resistant than traditional butyl stoppers. These silica gel stoppers have a clean, transparent, and sterile look for an aesthetically neater product versus solid stoppers.

The primary components used for lyophilization tray drying:

Containers: Serum Bottles or Serum Vials

Sealing accsessories: 2 or 3 legged stopper, designed to sit on top of the container during the lyophilization process, inserted during the stoppering step. Closures selections include:Aluminum seal or Flip top seal applied with crimper tool.


Lyophilization / Freeze Drying applications include: 

 -Preservation of temperature sensitive products, especially of biological origin such as: blood plasma, vaccines, serum, tissues samples, enzymes and microbial cultures.

 -Achieve chemical balance in biological reagents.

 -Practical solution for delivery and transportation of constituents that cannot be mixed in liquid state.

 -Improved storage life and marketing of end product.


Our lyophilization stoppers are a top quality primary packaging solution for lyophilization applications. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, both two and three pronged. All purpose design reduces the possibility of the legs sticking to each other.


Quick Reference Specifications:        




Clear Silicone




2-Leg Pronged Stopper


Vial Stopper


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